Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great Bargain at Gilroy Outlet Mall

As mentioned in my last post, we went shopping at the Gilroy Premium Outlet Mall. Although there were not very many good sales, I got lucky and found some great deals.
At Anne Klein, I bought these three items and this is how I like to wear them:

Teal cashmere sweater: $20
Black patent belt: $15
Black square fringe scarf: $10

The scarf is a lightweight square scarf with fringe.  It's folded and tucked into the sweater.  The teal sweater goes well with other brown-colored accessories such as scarves, necklaces and brown pants.

Ralph Lauren Polo Store:
Yellow Polo: $20

I am not really a fan of Polo Ralph Lauren.  I always feel like it's a man's store and it's not feminine enough. Their clothes are usually too long for me.  However, I found this while my husband was browsing through the store. I was surprised to find this shirt at such a low price. I have learned not to buy things that do not flatter me, no matter what the price. However, this shirt really fit me nicely.

Rockport store: (Buy one, second pair 50%, third pair for free):
Brown flat boots: $89 (Orig. $110)

Tall black boots: (Orig. $110, marked down from $80 to $60), it would be $30 if I didn't get the third pair:

It's very difficult for me to buy boots that fit me comfortably and Rockport is the only brand that I can wear for long time without getting painful heels. After trying 4 pairs of the same size, only one pair fits my calves (go figure!).  I am so ecstatic to have finally found a pair of high heel boots that is within my price range.  I paid a total of $150 for three pairs of shoes and my husband got the third pair (of men's shoes) for free.  Later in the day, we happened to look through the Shopper's guide and found a 15% off coupon inside. So, the salesman had to adjust the price and we saved another $24, which means that I only paid a total of $126 for three pairs of shoes.  These boots were sure a great bargain.

It's been a wonderful and busy day for me, and best of all I made my friend extremely excited and happy that I got her a great deal on Gucci bags.

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  1. i like the way you coordinated the sweater/scarf/belt. so blue and brown huh? that's good to know.

    and i like those black boots!