Monday, May 3, 2010

Everything From Papers

My kids love to make crafts in their leisure time.  I thought you might be interested in looking at these fantastic crafts made from papers. These are 3D origami my older daughter tempted to make. They are complicated to make but she enjoyed the challenge.
These are 3D stars.  I think this is the first origami she learned many years ago while visiting Hong Kong.  It's very popular for the young people in Hong Kong to make a thousand of stars, put them in a glass jar and give it to their loved ones as a gift.  Beautiful strips of printed paper and clear glass jars are so popular and easily found in any Asian books and gifts shop here in the U. S. now.
 Beautiful paper flowers:
She made this to separate and store her earrings:

This is how she organize her earrings in the jewelry box:
This barrel is made of magazine papers:
 A framed 3D art:

My little daughter also likes to craft with papers.  She cut the red envelops from Chinese New Year and collaged them into new cards:
She also liked to print these pictures out and fold them, aren't these cute?

She gave me these flowers for mother's day a few years ago when she was still in elementary school.

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