Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Polymer Clay

My little daughter really likes to work with polymer clay.  She is very talented in art and crafts.  She learned to sculpt with it a couple of years ago.  This craft requires a good amount of time and patience to finish.

She made these when she first learned how to sculpt with polymer clay.  The photo frame, vase and glass votive were all made from polymer clay.
This is the necklace she made for her sister as a birthday gift.  She designed this pendant and put it on to the sterling silver ring and chain.

I requested a tiger figurine. She made this tiger freehand for my birthday.
She had fun creating these cute animals during her leisure time.  These animals are one of a kind. 
Whenever she doesn't know what to give us for presents, I always tell her to make jewelry or anything from polymer clay.  When she told me she never made a sketch before actually sculpting them, I told her she's so good with this craft, she could sell them at Etsy.  She just laughed and I am glad she has the talent and enjoys making these crafts.

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