Monday, May 17, 2010

Rounding up on Cosmetics

These are the things I always come back to no matter how many other brands I try.  These are the staples of  cosmetics I use everyday.

Natural Shine Lip Gloss (Pretty Pink Rose) - Sally Hansen's Inspired by Carmindy. It adds some shine but shows just a little hint of pink.
True Match foundation -by  Loreal . The undertone color is not too yellow or pink. It matches very closely to my skin tone and doesn't feel or look cakey.

Eye liner Gel - MAC Fluidliner.  This eyeliner stays on ALL day.  It doesn't rub off in the creases of my eyes and it goes on smoothly.

Small Eye Liner Brush - This is my favorite eyeliner brush. It has a very short and angle cut brush. I stumbled upon it when I couldn't find my MAC eyeliner brush. I found it's really easy to control and draws a very precise line.  It doesn't smear messily on my eye lids.

I always like Victoria's Secret fragrance products.  I received this body spray from my friend last weekend.
It smells so wonderful and I just love to spray it after applying body lotion.

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